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At 1:39pm on March 11, 2009, Noel Walters said…
The Christian Troubadours and especially Wayne Walters, (my Dad), are now, and will always be, my inspiration and mentors. Thanks Dad, for being a "true" Christian role model and teaching me the most important thing in life is my relationship with Christ. I Can't tell you how much you're loved. Let's just say those words haven't been invented yet!
At 2:19pm on March 11, 2009, Jeanne Walters Umfleet said…
I love the greeting, my darling Papa. You are "The Christian Troubadours". I watched all the struggle, heartache, and the joy that birthing this group and keeping it on the road brought into your life. You showed me how to keep on going and keep on serving the Lord no matter what the circumstances looked like - that our rewards are not earthly and the One we serve is worthy of all glory.
At 9:26pm on March 11, 2009, Becky Walters Cheatham said…
What a privilege I had to grow up the daughter of WAYNE WALTERS! Though he was on the road touring with the "Troubs" the majority of my life, he was and still is my hero and the first man I ever loved! Thank you Bruce for helping to keep the memory of The Christian Troubadours alive. May their ministry continue to touch lives and pave the way for salvation for many more souls.
At 7:22pm on March 28, 2009, Bradley Carter said…
I have the distinct honor of being Bill Carter's Son. All the miles Dad has traveled spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and the souls God has given him for his labor are a legacy that I too am very proud of. Some of my earliest recollections are of the house in Nashville and watching Dad head out and then come home from tour. The Troubadours are still remembered in many circles of gospel music and it will always be an honor to have been part of something special that God has done. Daddy's black hair has now turned to gray, that high tenor voice has gotten a little weaker with time and that old doghouse bass fiddle has been put away, but the music and the message are still loud and clear.
Daddy, you are only 5’8” However in my eyes, you will always be 10 feet tall

Thanks Bruce for creating a place for folks who love these guys (almost) as much as we do.
And thanks to Noel for teaching me how to fight ;)
At 8:53am on April 5, 2009, Dave & Darla Yeoman said…
my dad Harvey Yeoman was one of these great guys who made the dedication to take this group to the country and the world. my dad is gone now but the memories i have of him and this great gospel quartet will live on for me and my children. my children got the opportunity to meet Wayne Walters in 2006 and they will never forget him. I myself for some reason feel that Wayne is kinda like my dad also maybe because he was there when I was born and helped my dad walk the floor. Wayne I love you and all that you did with the Christian Troubadours THANKS!!!
At 7:37pm on November 7, 2009, Terry Toney said…
Just viewing this page brought back so many memories. I can't even begin to express the love and respect that I have for ALL the members of The Christian Troubadours. Just even seeing the photos and videos took me back to Detroit. I remember well the first time I saw these gentlemen in a concert, Wayne, Phil, Frank, and Bill. Then Larry, Leroy, Doug, Noel, Jack, Jeanne, Becky and Bruce. These folks became a part of my life. I would sit in awe of these folks as they would come to our home, and they and my father would pick and grin, and talk til all hours of the night. Listening to each new album as they came out. I knew all the words to every song and became a self proclaimed authority on these folks. I remember most of the buses, from the old Flxes, the the pick up camper to the Book-Mobile, (A gerstenslager, or something like that), The the Gm's, to the last one the Ernest Tubb special.. What ever I was to do in music, these folks were a MAJOR influence on my life. God Himself used this group to bless many people, and probably kept me from straying too far. While other kids wanted to be firemen or policemen, some of my heroes were these people... especially Wayne, who along with my father showed me what it means to stand firm and stay true, no matter what...And I thank you all publically for that. I love y'all. Thanks to Bruce for setting up this sight. It means more to me than gold!!
At 9:06pm on December 21, 2009, Jonathan Watson said…
I discovered the music of the Christian Troubadours in the late 1990's and it is the best music I have ever heard! The songs "Ordinary Christian", "Try Praying", and "Let The Lower Lights Be Burning" are my favorites. Thanks for your music and your service. It is the best I have ever heard!
At 9:57pm on February 22, 2010, Dr. Steve Perkins said…
I'm so glad I stumbled across your web page. You made such a positive impression on me as a child and young man through your visits to my grandpa's church in Mountain View, California. He was Montie Hinsen, pastor of the Friendly Tabernacle Pentecostal Church of God. I always looked forward to your visits and was blessed over and over by your music and ministry. I used to watch you unload your equipment off the bus when you arrived as I often visited my Grandma and Grandpa at the church parsonage next door. God bless you for all the positive influence you've had on so many lives, including my own.
At 10:28pm on March 11, 2012, Carolyn Youngman Kester said…

My life has been so blessed to have had the experience of hearing these guys early on in their music ministry.  I suppose it was like back in the late 50's or early 60's that I heard them in a small country church in Indio California.  loved them so much, remembered them and something today brought back the words to one of the songs they used to sing formed from a scripture in Jeremiah about the Old Paths, and looking for the lyrics of this song brought me to this web site and am so glad.  I haven't ran across the song yet, but have seen the covers of the albums that have been well listened to in our home since then.  My mother is gone now but she loved Bro. Wayne and Bro. Harvey's singing she listened to them albums from the 50 60's to 1995 when God called her home.  I dont know where the albums disappered to but maybe I can capture the blessing of their  music with a DVD or CD.  They were difinately a postive influence in my teen years.

At 10:39pm on March 19, 2012, Jonathan Watson said…

I just received the album called "Country Gospel Singing Volume 2" last week. It's the best I've heard so far.

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